Recreating cache devices and file systems

After performing the upgrade to NAS Bridge 2.0.3, you can recreate the cache devices and file system and export the configuration file.

Before you begin

You have the NFS or SMB worksheets, showing information for the file systems and cache devices you removed.


  1. Recreate all cache devices. For each device you add, select the same disk you used previously.
    See "Adding a cache device to NAS Bridge" for instructions.
  2. Recreate all file systems. Specify the same bucket and cache device you used before.
    See "Adding an NFS file system" and "Adding an SMB file system" for instructions.
  3. When you are done making changes, export the configuration file.
    1. Click Maintenance > Configuration Exports .
    2. Click Generate Export.
    3. Click the download icon to download the file to your local workstation.
    4. Save the configuration file to a safe location.
      You will need this file to recover the NAS Bridge configuration in case of a failure.

After you finish

Be sure to export a new configuration file after upgrading to NAS Bridge 2.0.3. If you attempt to restore the configuration using an earlier version of the configuration file, you will need to repeat these steps to recreate all existing cache devices.