StorageGRID Webscale appliance overview

The StorageGRID Webscale appliance is an integrated storage and computing platform that operates as a Storage Node in a StorageGRID Webscale system. Housed in a DE1600 enclosure or DE6600 enclosure, the appliance includes the E5600SG controller, the E2700 controller, drives, fans, and power supplies.

The StorageGRID Webscale appliance includes the following components:

Component Description
E5600SG controller Compute server

The E5600SG controller runs the Linux operating system and the StorageGRID Webscale software.

This controller connects to the following:
  • The Admin, Grid, and Client networks for the StorageGRID Webscale system
  • The E2700 controller, using dual SAS paths (active/active) with the E5600SG controller operating as the initiator
E2700 controller Storage controller

The E2700 controller operates as a standard E-Series storage array in simplex mode, and runs the SANtricity operating system (controller firmware).

This controller connects to the following:
  • The management network where SANtricity Storage Manager software is installed
  • The E5600SG controller, using dual SAS paths (active/active) with the E2700 controller operating as the target

The StorageGRID Webscale appliance also includes the following components, depending upon the appliance model:

Component Model SG5612 Model SG5660
Drives 12 NL-SAS drives 60 NL-SAS drives
Enclosure DE1600 enclosure, a two rack-unit (2U) chassis that houses the drives and the controllers DE6600 enclosure, a four rack-unit (4U) chassis that houses the drives and the controllers
Power supplies and fans Two power-fan canisters Two power supplies and two fans
Note: The maximum raw storage available on each StorageGRID Webscale appliance Storage Node is fixed, based on the appliance model and configuration. You cannot expand the available storage by adding a shelf with additional drives.
All E-Series components operate as documented in the E-Series technical documents except as indicated in this guide. For details, see the E-Series documentation.
Note: The E5600SG controller is highly customized for StorageGRID Webscale, so some of the E-Series maintenance procedures might not apply (for example, the procedure for upgrading controller firmware). For more information, see "Maintaining your StorageGRID Webscale appliance" in this guide.