Gathering required materials for grid node recovery

Before performing maintenance procedures, you must ensure you have the necessary materials to recover a failed grid node.

You must perform recovery operations using the version of StorageGRID Webscale that is currently running on the grid. Make sure the version shown in the file name for the installation package matches the version of StorageGRID Webscale that is currently installed. To verify the installed version, go to Help > About in the Grid Management Interface.
Item Notes

StorageGRID Webscale installation archive

If you need to recover a grid node, you need the StorageGRID Webscale installation archive for your platform.

See "Downloading and extracting the StorageGRID Webscale installation files" for instructions.

Note: You do not need to download files if you are recovering failed storage volumes on a Storage Node.
Service laptop The service laptop must have the following:
  • Network port
  • Supported browser
  • SSH client (for example, PuTTY)
Recovery Package .zip file

Obtain a copy of the most recent Recovery Package .zip file:

The contents of the .zip file are updated each time the system is modified and you are directed to store the most recent version of the Recovery Package in a secure location after making such changes. Use this copy to recover from grid failures.

Note: If the primary Admin Node is operating normally, you can download the Recovery Package from the Grid Management Interface. Select Maintenance > Recovery Package.
Passwords.txt file Contains the passwords required to access grid nodes on the command line. Included in the Recovery Package.
Provisioning passphrase The passphrase is created and documented when the StorageGRID Webscale system is first installed. The provisioning passphrase is not in the Passwords.txt file.
Current documentation for your platform For the current supported versions of your platform, see the Interoperability Matrix Tool.

NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool

Consult the platform vendor's website for documentation.