Configuring the search integration service for an S3 bucket

Search integration is a custom StorageGRID Webscale service that sends object metadata to a destination search index whenever an object is created, deleted, or its metadata is updated.

Attention: StorageGRID Webscale 11.0 includes the initial release of platform services. CloudMirror replication, notifications, and search integration are currently appropriate only for specific situations and workloads. You must contact your NetApp representative if you want to use the initial release of these services.

Search integration is configured by applying custom StorageGRID Webscale configuration XML to a bucket. This guide documents the metadata notification configuration XML used to enable search integration, the object metadata that is sent to the destination endpoint, and the format of the JSON document containing the metadata that is created and sent. It also documents the procedure for applying the configuration XML using the Tenant Management Interface.

Because the search integration service causes object metadata to be sent to a destination, its configuration XML is named metadata notification configuration XML. This configuration XML is different than and separate from the notification configuration XML used to enable event notifications.

See the StorageGRID Webscale S3 Implementation Guide for more information on the custom StorageGRID Webscale bucket metadata notification configuration APIs.