Deployment logs

These logs can be accessed by logging in as admin and then su to root using the password listed in the Passwords.txt file.
Category File name Notes Found on
Installation /var/local/log/install.log Log file created during software installation. Contains a record of the installation events and software update events. All grid nodes
Grid Deployment Server /var/local/log/gdu-server.log Log file created by the GDU program. Lists actions taken by the various GDU tasks; for example, all tasks performed by the Update IP Configuration task are listed. Primary Admin Node
Provisioning /var/local/log/provision-fail.log Log file created if the provisioning program detects an error in the grid specification file. Provisioning media
/var/local/log/provision-crash-grid_info.log Log file created if the provisioning program terminates abnormally.

grid_info includes the grid ID, the grid revision being created and a timestamp.