How your system is affected during the upgrade

During the upgrade, your StorageGRID Webscale system remains available for object ingests and retrievals. In some cases, there might be periods within which client applications cannot connect to a grid node. Alarms might also be triggered during the upgrade; these should clear as the upgrade process completes.

Client applications might experience short-term disruptions

The StorageGRID Webscale system can ingest and retrieve data from client applications throughout the upgrade process except for a short period of time when services are restarting and client connections to individual API Gateway Nodes or Storage Nodes might be disrupted. Connectivity will be restored after the upgrade finishes and services resume on the individual nodes.

Every node in your StorageGRID Webscale system will be brought down one at a time for several minutes each during the upgrade. You might need to schedule downtime for the upgrade if loss of connectivity for a short period is not permitted.

Attention: If an API Gateway Node is connected to a NAS Bridge instance, you must manually connect the NAS Bridge to an alternate API Gateway Node before you upgrade the primary API Gateway Node. Otherwise, NFS and SMB clients will temporarily lose access to their data.

Alarms might be triggered

StorageGRID Webscale alarms might be triggered when the StorageGRID Webscale system is operating in a mixed-version environment (some grid nodes still running version 10.4, while others have been upgraded to version 11.0). In general, these alarms clear when the upgrade completes.

Many emails are generated

When you upgrade grid nodes, email notifications are generated when the node is stopped and restarted. To avoid excessive emails, you can disable email notifications before upgrading the first node and re-enable notifications after the upgrade is completed.

Configuration changes are restricted

During the upgrade to release StorageGRID Webscale 11.0, the following restrictions apply:
  • Do not make any grid configuration changes until the upgrade is finished.
  • Do not enable or disable any new features until the upgrade completes.
  • Because of ILM policy configuration changes in StorageGRID Webscale, do not update the ILM configuration until you have upgraded all grid nodes. Otherwise, you might experience inconsistent and unexpected ILM behavior.

Errors might occur when creating S3 buckets that use the LocationConstraint request element (regions)

Previous releases of StorageGRID Webscale did not support using the LocationConstraint request element for S3 PUT Bucket API requests. Any regions that you might have added to S3 buckets were ignored.

StorageGRID Webscale version 11.0 supports regions. Before upgrading your grid, be aware of the following behavior:
  • After the upgrade, any buckets that do not have a region specified are considered to belong to the us-east-1 region, which is the default.
  • After the upgrade, an error occurs if a PUT Bucket request specifies a region that has not been defined in StorageGRID Webscale.
If a current application creates buckets with the LocationConstraint request element set to anything other than us-east-1, you must do either of the following to avoid these errors:
  • Before upgrading to version 11.0, change the application's bucket-creation settings to use the us-east-1 region.
  • After upgrading the primary Admin Node, create these other regions in StorageGRID Webscale. You can use the Grid Management Interface (ILM > Regions) or the Grid Management API to create StorageGRID Webscale regions.

Installed Storage Capacity might appear to decrease

After you upgrade to StorageGRID Webscale version 11.0, you might notice a decrease in the value of the Installed Storage Capacity (XISC) attribute. This attribute indicates the total storage capacity of the installed object stores.

Previously, the value for this attribute was being calculated incorrectly. The calculation has been corrected, resulting in an apparent reduction in the total installed storage capacity. The decrease is only because of the corrected calculation in StorageGRID Webscale version 11.0; the actual installed storage capacity remains the same as before.