Impact of an upgrade on tenant accounts

Before upgrading to a new version of StorageGRID Webscale, you should understand how tenant accounts might be affected.

Enabling platform services for tenant accounts

Wait until the upgrade to StorageGRID Webscale 11.0 completes before enabling or using platform services. Platform services are not fully functional until the upgrade is complete.

Platform services are not enabled for tenant accounts that existed before the upgrade. To allow these tenants to use CloudMirror replication, event notifications, or the search integration service for S3 buckets, you must edit each S3 tenant account to enable platform services. See the Administrator Guide for information on editing tenant accounts using the Grid Management Interface.

See the Tenant Administrator Guide for more information on platform services.

Changes to permissions for tenant users and groups

The following management permissions have been changed for tenant users in StorageGRID Webscale 11.0. To enable tenant users to perform these tasks, a tenant user with Root Access permission must update permissions for the applicable groups.

Permission Description
Manage all containers
  • S3 tenants: Allows access to the S3 > Buckets menu. Permits a user to manage bucket settings for all S3 buckets in the tenant account using the Tenant Management Interface or the Tenant Management API.

    Bucket settings include Last Access Time, consistency level, and the settings required to enable each platform service.

  • Swift tenants: Allows Swift users to control the consistency level for Swift containers using the Tenant Management API. The manage all containers permission can be granted to Swift groups using the Tenant Management API.
Manage endpoints

S3 tenants only. Allows users to use the Tenant Management Interface or the Tenant Management API to create or edit endpoints, which are used as the destination for StorageGRID Webscale platform services.

Users who do not have this permission do not see the S3 > Endpoints menu option.