Endpoint domain names for S3 requests

A StorageGRID Webscale administrator must provide you with the endpoint domain names to use for S3 path-style and S3 virtual hosted-style requests. If the StorageGRID Webscale system uses an uncommon root CA, your grid administrator will also provide the root CA certificate to be imported into your S3 client application's truststore.

About this task

A grid administrator must configure S3 endpoints using the Grid Manager. See the instructions for administering StorageGRID Webscale for complete instructions.

For example, if the endpoint is s3.company.com, the grid administrator will obtain a custom server certificate that includes the s3.company.com endpoint and the endpoint's wildcard SAN: *.s3.company.com. The administrator will also confirm that the DNS server supports the endpoint and the wildcard SAN.

Once the endpoint has been configured, you can use virtual hosted-style requests (for example, bucket.s3.company.com). The DNS server will resolve to the correct endpoint and the certificate will authenticate the endpoint as expected.