Creating and configuring Swift tenant accounts

A Swift tenant account is required before Swift API clients can store and retrieve objects on StorageGRID Webscale. Each tenant account has its own account ID, groups and users, and containers and objects.

Swift tenant accounts are created by a StorageGRID Webscale grid administrator using the Grid Manager or the Grid Management API.

When creating a Swift tenant account, the grid administrator specifies the following information:
After a Swift tenant account is created, the tenant's root user can access the Tenant Manager to perform tasks such as the following:
Attention: The tenant's root user can sign in the Tenant Manager. However, the tenant's root user does not have permission to use the Swift REST API. To authenticate into the Swift REST API to create containers and ingest objects, the user must belong to a group with the Administrator permission. However, administrator users cannot sign in to the Tenant Manager.