Logs for third-party software

These logs can be accessed by logging in as admin and then su to root using the password listed in the Passwords.txt file.
Category File name Notes Found on
apache2 logs /var/local/log/apache2/access.log



Log files for apache2. Admin Node
Archiving /var/local/log/dsierror.log Contains error information for TSM Client APIs. Archive Node
Cassandra /var/local/log/cassandra/system.log Contains error information for the metadata store (Cassandra database) that can be used if problems occur when adding new Storage Nodes, or if the nodetool repair task stalls. Storage Node
MySQL /var/local/log/mysql.err


Log files generated by MySQL.

The file mysql.err captures database errors and events such as startups and shutdowns.

The file mysql-slow.log (the slow query log) captures the SQL statements that took more than 10 seconds to execute.

Admin Node
Operating system /var/log/messages This directory contains log files for the operating system. The errors contained in these logs are also displayed in the Grid Manager. Select Support > Grid Topology. Then select Topology > Site > Node > SSM > Events. All grid nodes
NTP /var/log/ntp Log file for NTP error messages. All grid nodes

The directory that contains NTP timing statistics.

loopstats records loop filter statistics information.

peerstats records peer statistics information.

SNMP Monitoring /var/log/net-snmpd.log Used by the NMS service for SNMP monitoring of system status as well as third party hardware monitoring tools using SNMP. All grid nodes
Samba /var/local/log/samba/ The Samba log directory includes a log file for each Samba process (smb, nmb, and winbind) and every client hostname/IP. Admin Node configured to export the audit share over CIFS