S3 Multipart Upload message cannot be delivered

If platform services are configured for an S3 bucket, an S3 multipart upload can succeed even though the associated replication or notification message cannot be delivered to the configured endpoint.

About this task

A Total Events (SMTT) alarm contains a Last Event message that says, "Failed to publish notifications for bucket-name object key" for the last object whose notification failed.


  1. To view the alarm, select Nodes > site > Storage Node > Events.
  2. View Last Event at the top of the table.
    Event messages are also listed in /var/local/log/bycasterr.log.
  3. Notify the tenant of the objects whose platform services messages have not been delivered.
  4. Instruct the tenant to trigger the failed replication or notification by updating the object's metadata or tags.
    The tenant can resubmit the existing values to avoid making unwanted changes.