Monitoring events

You can monitor any events that are detected by a grid node to help with troubleshooting. The Last Event provides an area of focus when an error occurs.

Review events from the Nodes page

The Nodes page lists the system events for each grid node.
  1. Select Nodes.
  2. Select grid node > Events.
  3. Look at the Last Event, which describes the last event detected by the grid node.

    The event is relayed verbatim from the grid node and includes any log messages with a severity level of ERROR or CRITICAL.

  4. Optionally, perform a custom query to generate a list of the event messages generated by the server over time. These messages can contain useful troubleshooting information and can be used to help determine the source of a problem.
  5. After resolving issues, click Reset event counts to return the counts to zero.

Review events from the Grid Topology page

The Grid Topology page also lists the system events for each grid node, but it includes audit events, and attribute events as well.

  1. Select Support > Grid Topology.
  2. Select site > grid node > SSM > Events > Overview > Main.