Performing the upgrade

The Software Upgrade page guides you through the process of uploading the required file and upgrading all of the grid nodes in your StorageGRID Webscale system.

Before you begin

You are aware of the following:
  • You must upgrade all grid nodes for all data center sites from the primary Admin Node, using the Grid Manager.

  • When you start the upgrade, the primary Admin Node is upgraded automatically.

  • Shortly after the primary Admin Node has been upgraded, you can select which grid nodes to upgrade next.

  • You must upgrade all grid nodes in your StorageGRID Webscale system to complete the upgrade, but you can upgrade individual grid nodes in any order. You can select individual grid nodes, groups of grid nodes, or all grid nodes. You can repeat the process of selecting grid nodes as many times as necessary, until all grid nodes at all sites are upgraded.

  • When the upgrade starts on a grid node, the services on that node are stopped. Later, the grid node is rebooted. Do not approve the upgrade for a grid node unless you are sure that node is ready to be stopped and rebooted.

  • When all grid nodes have been upgraded, the Cassandra database is upgraded, and the upgrade process completes. Upgrading the database can take an extended amount of time (from days to weeks); however, the upgraded grid will operate normally while the Cassandra upgrade is in progress.

    Estimating the time to complete an upgrade
  • You must complete the upgrade on the same hypervisor platform you started with.