Setting the IP addresses for the E2800 controllers

Management port 1 on each E2800 controller connects the appliance to the management network for SANtricity System Manager. You must set a static IP address for each E2800 controller to ensure that you do not lose your management connection to the hardware and the controller firmware in the E2860 controller shelf.

About this task

The DHCP server assigns a new IP address whenever you disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet cable or power cycle the appliance. This process occurs until you configure a static IP address for the controller.


  1. From SANtricity System Manager, click the Hardware tab.
  2. If the graphic shows the drives, click Show back of shelf.
  3. From the image of the appliance, click Controller B.
  4. From the controller's context menu, select Configure management ports.

    Configure Management Ports for Controller B
  5. For step 1 of the Configure Management Ports wizard, make sure Port P1 is selected, and click Next.
  6. For step 2 of the Configure Management Ports wizard, configure the network settings for port 1 on controller B.
    1. From the Speed and duplex mode drop-down list, make sure Auto-negotiate is selected.
      You must also make sure the Ethernet switch for the management network is set to autonegotiate. Connectivity issues might occur if automatic negotiation is selected in SANtricity System Manager but not set for the Ethernet switch.
    2. Depending on your network configuration, select Enable IPv4, Enable IPv6, or both.
  7. If you selected Enable IPv4:
    1. Click Next.
    2. Make sure Manually specify static configuration is selected.
    3. Change the IP address of port 1 to a routable management IP address, subnet mask, and gateway.

      Screen shot showing IPv4 settings for Port P1
  8. If you selected Enable IPv6:
    1. Click Next.
    2. Make sure Manually specify static configuration is selected.
    3. Enter an IP address, routable IP address, and router IP address.

      Screen shot showing IPv6 settings for Port P1
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Repeat step 3 through step 9 to configure the IP address of management port 1 on controller A.
  11. Disconnect your laptop from the E2800 controller. Then, connect an Ethernet cable to management port 1 (labeled P1) on each E2800 controller, and connect the other end to your network.
    Do not use management port 2 (labeled P2). This port is reserved for NetApp technical support.
  12. Reconnect to SANtricity System Manager, but use the new static IP address for either controller A or B as the URL: https://E2800_Controller_IP