Connecting to on-premises ONTAP systems

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If you need to perform advanced management of on-premises ONTAP systems, you can do so using ONTAP System Manager or the command line interface.

Connect to System Manager

You might need to perform some on-premises ONTAP tasks from System Manager, which is a browser-based management tool that runs on the cluster.

Before you begin

The computer from which you are accessing Cloud Manager must have a network connection to the on-prem ONTAP system. For example, you might need to log in to Cloud Manager from a jump host that’s in your on-premises network.

  1. From the Canvas page, double-click the on-prem ONTAP system that you want to manage with System Manager.

  2. Click the menu icon, and then click System Manager.

  3. Click Launch.

    System Manager loads in a new browser tab.

  4. At the login screen, enter the user name and password for the admin user that you specified when you created the cluster, and then click Sign In.


The System Manager console loads. You can now use it to manage the on-prem ONTAP system.

Connect to the ONTAP CLI

The ONTAP CLI enables you to run all administrative commands and is a good choice for advanced tasks or if you’re more comfortable using the CLI. You can connect to the CLI using Secure Shell (SSH).

Before you begin

The host from which you use SSH to connect to the on-prem ONTAP system must have a network connection to the on-prem ONTAP system. For example, you might need to use SSH from a jump host in your on-premises network.

  1. In Cloud Manager, identify the IP address of the cluster management interface:

    1. On the Canvas page, select the on-premises ONTAP system.

    2. Click screenshot sync status icon in the right pane and copy the cluster management IP address.

  2. Use SSH to connect to the cluster management interface IP address using the admin account.


    The following image shows an example using PuTTY:

    A screenshot that shows the destination admin@ on port 22.

  3. At the login prompt, enter the password for the admin account.


    Password: ********