Where to find additional information

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There are additional documents to help you learn more about FC configuration.

All of the following documentation is available:

  • ONTAP 9 SAN Configuration

    Describes supported FC, iSCSI, and FCoE topologies for connecting host computers to storage controllers in clusters.

  • ONTAP 9 SAN Administration

    Describes how to configure and manage the iSCSI, FCoE, and FC protocols for clustered SAN environments, including configuration of LUNs, igroups, and targets.

VMware documentation

Documentation about iSCSI for ESXi servers is available directly from VMware.

  • vSphere Storage

    This VMware content describes FC and iSCSI configuration for ESXi 5.x.

  • Multipathing Configuration for Software iSCSI Using Port Binding

    Technical White Paper describes MPIO setup for ESXi servers.