Additional resources

NetApp All Flash FAS Resources
Provides installation and configuration information, technical reports, service documentation, and other resources for AFF systems.
NetApp Hardware Universe
Describes hardware configuration and compatibility information. Includes considerations for combining different platforms of storage controller in an ONTAP configuration.
NetApp Storage and Platform Installation and Setup playlist
Videos for hardware installation and initial software configuration procedures for NetApp hardware.
Storage and Platform Hardware playlist
Videos for replacement procedures for NetApp hardware. There are hardware installation videos for some legacy platforms.
The complete set of ONTAP 9 documentation.
NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool
Describes devices and platforms supported by ONTAP.
NetApp Downloads: Config Advisor
A configuration validation and health check tool that enables you to check NetApp systems for correct hardware installation and conformance with NetApp recommended settings.
NetApp Guided Problem Solving and Chat
Curated technical content, how-to resources, and troubleshooting steps that are organized by products, features, and tasks. Chat enables you to quickly resolve issues without opening a case or calling technical support.
NetApp Knowledgebase
Enables you to access technical articles for managing and administering products. A small subset of the Knowledgebase is available to the public. A registered user has access to a broader range of technical Knowledgebase articles.
NetApp Active IQ
A web-based application for NetApp system Active IQ information, which provides predictive and proactive insights to help you improve system availability, efficiency, and performance.