Install battery (simplex)

You must install the battery into the replacement controller canister. You can install the battery that you removed from the original controller canister or install a new battery that you ordered.

Before you begin


  1. Unpack the replacement controller canister, and set it on a flat, static-free surface so that the removable cover faces up.

    Save the packing materials to use when shipping the failed controller canister.

  2. Press down on the cover button, and slide the cover off.
  3. Orient the controller canister so that the slot for the battery faces toward you.
  4. Insert the battery into the controller canister at a slight downward angle.
    You must insert the metal flange at the front of the battery into the slot on the bottom of the controller canister, and slide the top of the battery beneath the small alignment pin on the left side of the canister.
  5. Move the battery latch up to secure the battery.
    When the latch clicks into place, the bottom of the latch hooks into a metal slot on the chassis.

    Battery release latch Battery

  6. Turn the controller canister over to confirm that the battery is installed correctly.
    Attention: Possible hardware damage – The metal flange at the front of the battery must be completely inserted into the slot on the controller canister (as shown in the first figure). If the battery is not installed correctly (as shown in the second figure), the metal flange might contact the controller board, causing damage to the controller when you apply power.
    • Correct – The battery's metal flange is completely inserted in the slot on the controller:

    • Incorrect – The battery's metal flange is not inserted into the slot on the controller:

After you finish

Go to Install host interface card (simplex).