Considerations for changing the host protocol

The considerations for changing the host protocol depend on the starting and ending protocols of the baseboard host ports and the HIC ports.

If you use a Mirroring feature or the Data Assurance (DA) feature, you must understand what happens to these features when you change the host port protocol.

Note: The following considerations apply only if you are converting a storage array that has already been in use. These considerations do not apply if you are converting a new storage array that does not yet have hosts and volumes defined.

Converting from FC to iSCSI

Converting from iSCSI to FC

Converting IB-iSER to/from IB-SRP

Mirroring operations need same host protocol

Mirroring operations are not affected if the host ports being used for mirroring keep the same protocol after you apply the feature pack. Even so, before applying the feature pack, you should confirm that all mirror consistency groups are synchronized. After applying the feature pack, you should test the communication between the local storage array and the remote storage array. Refer to the online help for SANtricity System Manager if you have questions on how to do this.

Note: Asynchronous and synchronous mirroring are not supported for NVMe over Fabrics. To disable Asynchronous and synchronous mirroring, the disable storageArray feature=asyncMirror or disable storageArray feature=syncMirror must be ran through the command line interface. Refer to the Disable storage array feature mirroring commands under the CLI Command Reference Online Help for more information on how to disable mirroring.