Controller swap with internal key management and one or more drives secured

If you swap both controllers in a dual-controller system, or one controller in a simplex system, are using an internal security key, and one or more drives in the storage array are locked, you must import the appropriate security key to the new storage array. Importing the key allows you to unlock access to the drives.

Before you begin

Note: If you receive a seven-segment display lock-down code of L5 after performing a controller replacement of mixed secured drives with internal key management, contact technical support.

About this task

After the array discovers the drives, a Needs Attention condition appears along with a status of Security Key Needed for these re-located drives. You can unlock drive data by importing their security key into the storage array. During this process, you select the security key identifier from a drop-down list, and then enter the pass phrase for the key.


  1. Import the security key that you saved in Prepare to upgrade controllers by selecting the Storage Array menu and then selecting Security > Drive Security > Import Key.
    • If there were only secured drives (no unsecured drives) in the storage array, the controllers automatically reboot to complete the import operation. Wait for all controllers to boot up. When a controller finishes booting, its icon appears in the Enterprise Management Window (EMW).
  2. Select Settings > System.
  3. Under Security key management, select Unlock Secure Drives.
    The Unlock Secure Drives dialog box opens.
  4. From the drop-down list in the first field (click the arrow on the far right), select the security key identifier that is associated with the drives you want to unlock.
    When you select an identifier, the associated drive information appears below the field and the Browse button becomes available. The drives are identified by shelf number, drawer number, and bay number.
  5. Click Browse, and then select the security key file that corresponds to the identifier.
    The key file you selected appears below the field.
  6. Enter the pass phrase associated with this key file.
    The characters you enter are masked.
  7. Click Unlock.
    If the unlock operation is successful, the dialog box displays the following message:

    The associated secure drives have been unlocked.

    When all drives are locked and then unlocked, each controller in the storage array reboots. However, if there are already some unlocked drives in the target storage array, then the controllers will not reboot.
  8. If the storage array began with a mix of secured and unsecured drives, set the formerly secured drives to a native state:
    1. Run the set drives=( trayID1,[drawerID1,]slotID1 ... trayIDn,[drawerIDn,]slotIDn) nativeState SMcli command.
      The drive you specify are the drives that were secured when you began the controller replacement.
    2. Reset all controllers using SANtricity System Manager.
    3. Wait for all controllers to boot up. When a controller has finished booting, it appears in the EMW.