Place controller offline

You must place the controller offline so you can safely remove and replace the DIMMs. You must back up the configuration and collect support data first. Then, you can take the controller offline.

Before you begin


  1. From SANtricity System Manager, review the details in the Recovery Guru to confirm that there is an issue with a mismatched memory and to ensure no other items must be addressed first.
  2. From the Details area of the Recovery Guru, determine which DIMM to replace.
  3. Back up the storage array's configuration database.
    If a problem occurs when you remove a controller, you can use the saved file to restore your configuration.
    1. In System Manager, navigate to the support page.
    2. Select the Support Center tab.
    3. Select the Diagnostics tab.
    4. Select Collect Support Data.
  4. If the controller is not already offline, take it offline now using SANtricity System Manager.
    1. Select Hardware.
    2. If the graphic shows the drives, select Show back of shelf to show the controllers.
    3. Select the controller that you want to place offline.
    4. From the context menu, select Place offline, and confirm that you want to perform the operation.
      Note: If you are accessing SANtricity System Manager using the controller you are attempting to take offline, a SANtricity System Manager Unavailable message is displayed. Select Connect to an alternate network connection to automatically access SANtricity System Manager using the other controller.
  5. Wait for SANtricity System Manager to update the controller's status to offline.
    Attention: Do not begin any other operations until after the status has been updated.
  6. Select Recheck from the Recovery Guru, and confirm that the OK to remove field in the Details area displays Yes, indicating that it is safe to remove this component.

After you finish

Go to Remove controller canister.