Install new controller canister

After installing the battery, power supply, DIMMs, fans, and the host interface card (HIC), if one was initially installed, you can install the new controller canister into the controller shelf. Install the new controller shelf by closing the cover and using the handles to slide the controller into the controller shelf.


  1. Lower the cover on the controller canister and secure the thumbscrew.
  2. While squeezing the controller handles, gently slide the controller canister all the way into the controller shelf.
    Note: The controller audibly clicks when correctly installed into the shelf.

  3. Install the SFPs from the original controller in the host ports on the new controller, if they were installed in the original controller, and reconnect all the cables.
    If you are using more than one host protocol, be sure to install the SFPs in the correct host ports.
  4. If the original controller used DHCP for the IP address, locate the MAC address on the label on the back of the replacement controller. Ask your network administrator to associate the DNS/network and IP address for the controller you removed with the MAC address for the replacement controller.
    Note: If the original controller did not use DHCP for the IP address, the new controller adopts the IP address of the controller you removed.

After you finish

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