Obtain the feature pack key

To obtain the feature pack, you need the serial number from the controller shelf, a Feature Activation Code, and the Feature Enable Identifier for the storage array.


  1. Locate the serial number.
    1. From SANtricity System Manager, select Support > Support Center.
    2. With the Support Resources tab selected, scroll to the View top storage array properties section.
    3. Locate the Chassis Serial Number, and copy this value to a text file.

  2. Locate the feature pack submodel ID.
    1. From the SANtricity System Manager, select Support.
    2. Select the Support Center tile.
    3. On the Support Resources tab, locate and select the Storage Array Profile link.
    4. Type feature pack submodel ID in the text box, and click Find.
    5. Locate the feature pack submodel ID for the starting configuration.
  3. Using the feature pack submodel ID, locate the corresponding Controller submodel ID for the starting configuration and find the Feature Activation Code for the desired ending configuration within the following table. Then, copy that Feature Activation Code to a text file.
    Table 1. Encryption Capable Feature Activation Codes
    Starting configuration Ending configuration Feature Activation Code
    Controller submodel ID HIC ports Controller submodel ID HIC ports
    443 NVMe/FC


    444 NVMe/IB DH5-HB4-ZK9QH
    448 FC 7HZ-EB4-ZHAYW
    491 iSER/IB 0H1-675-Z5SII
    492 SRP/IB NHD-V75-ZB6ZX
    444 NVMe/FC


    443 NVMe/RoCE YH3-XB4-ZJRIZ
    448 FC 2HU-BB4-ZFCG5
    491 iSER/IB 2H3-P75-Z6AQG
    492 SRP/IB 5HG-G75-ZDNEZ
    448 FC 443 NVMe/FC


    444 NVMe/FC


    491 iSER/IB FH6-975-Z7Q7H
    492 SRP/IB 0HI-Z75-ZE4L5
    491 iSER/IB 443 NVMe/FC or NVMe/RoCE MHQ-M85-ZIJNT
    444 NVMe/FC or NVMe/IB 4HS-685-ZJZ1U
    448 FC YHU-P85-ZLHCX
    465 FC/PTL AHX-985-ZMXMI
    492 SRP/IB ZHZ-S85-ZNF4J
    492 SRP/IB 443 NVMe/FC or NVMe/RoCE EH3-C85-Z0V93
    444 NVMe/FC or NVMe/IB BH5-V85-ZQDQJ
    448 FC 1H8-F85-ZRT1V
    465 FC/PTL 1HA-Y85-ZSB7S
    491 iSER/IB KHD-I85-ZUSMI
    465 FC/PTL 491 iSER 6H8-S75-Z98FH
    492 SRP NHL-J75-ZFL3W
    Starting configuration Ending configuration Feature Activation Code
    Controller submodel ID HIC ports Controller submodel ID HIC ports
    516 NVMe/RoCE 517 NVMe/IB LHF-285-ZV9YZ
    518 FC IHI-L85-ZXQEP
    519 iSER/IB RHK-585-ZY7P5
    520 FC-PTL NHN-095-ZZ0XF
    521 SRP/IB GHP-895-Z25BD
    517 NVMe/IB 516 NVMe/RoCE 7HS-R95-Z3M06
    518 FC UHU-B95-Z43X2
    519 FC-PTL 8HX-U95-Z5K6F
    520 iSER/IB UHZ-E95-Z71LH
    521 SRP/IB SH2-X95-Z8IVS
    518 FC 516 NVMe/FC


    517 NVMe/FC


    519 FC-PTL FHA-K95-ZCXX0
    520 iSER/IB JHC-595-ZDE3X
    521 SRP/IB 0HF-095-ZFVFN
    519 FC-PTL 516 NVMe/FC or NVMe/RoCE YHH-895-ZGCXS
    517 NVMe/FC or NVMe/IB 2HK-R95-ZHT83
    518 FC 1HM-BA5-ZJALA
    521 SRP/IB MHR-EA5-ZL83V
    520 iSER/IB 516 NVMe/FC or NVMe/RoCE HHU-XA5-ZNPLT
    517 NVMe/FC or NVMe/IB YHW-HA5-Z07QK
    518 FC WHZ-1A5-ZPN4U
    519 FC/PTL 7H2-KA5-ZR5C3
    521 SRP 3H5-4A5-ZSLVX
    521 SRP/IB 516 NVMe/FC or NVMe/RoCE 1H7-NA5-ZT31W
    517 NVMe/FC or NVMe/IB XHA-7A5-ZVJGC
    518 FC KHC-QA5-ZW1P3
    519 FC/PTL CHE-AA5-ZXH2F
    Note: If your controller submodel ID is not listed, contact NetApp Support.
  4. In System Manager, locate the Feature Enable Identifier.
    1. Go to Settings > System.
    2. Scroll down to Add-ons.
    3. Under Change Feature Pack, locate the Feature Enable Identifier.
    4. Copy and paste this 32-digit number to a text file.

  5. Go to NetApp License Activation: Storage Array Premium Feature Activation, and enter the information required to obtain the feature pack.
    • Chassis Serial Number
    • Feature Activation Code
    • Feature Enable Identifier
    Important: The Premium Feature Activation web site includes a link to “Premium Feature Activation Instructions.” Do not attempt to use those instructions for this procedure.
  6. Choose whether to receive the key file for the feature pack in an email or download it directly from the site.

After you finish

Go to Stop host I/O.