Overview and specifications

This section describes the power requirements and maximum weights for the following E-Series and EF-Series controller-drive trays and expansion drive trays.

  • E2612, E2624, and E2660 controller-drive trays
  • E2712, E2724, and E2760 controller-drive trays
  • E5412, E5424, and E5460 controller-drive trays
  • E5512, E5524, and E5560 controller-drive trays
  • E5612, E5624, and E5660 controller-drive trays
  • EF540, EF550, and EF560 flash arrays
  • DE1600, DE5600, and DE6600 drive trays
Specifications are not provided for the following controller shelves and drive shelves, which can also be installed in the cabinet.
  • E2812, E2824, and E5724 controller shelves
  • DE212C and DE224C drive shelves
For specifications for the SAS-3 controller shelves and drive shelves listed above, refer to the NetApp Hardware Universe.