Specify the AutoSupport delivery method

The SMcli -autoSupportConfig command sets up the delivery method for sending AutoSupport messages.

Supported Arrays

This command applies to all E2700 and E5600 storage arrays in the management domain at once. It does not apply to E2800 or E5700 storage arrays.


Note: This command is an SMcli command, not a script command. You must run this command from a command line. You cannot run this command from the script editor in the storage management software.

You can create two major types of delivery methods for sending AutoSupport messages:

Syntax for SMTP Delivery Method

SMcli -autoSupportConfig deliveryMethod=SMTP
mailRelayServer=<mailRelayServerName> senderMail=<senderEmailAddress>

Parameters for the SMTP Delivery Method

Parameter Description

Allows you to specify the delivery method of the AutoSupport messages. Valid choice is SMTP. See the next section of this topic for information about using HTTP or HTTPS, which are also valid.


Allows you to specify the mail relay server for the AutoSupport messages.


Allows you to specify the sender email address for the AutoSupport messages.

Syntax for HTTP/HTTPs Delivery Methods

SMcli -autoSupportConfig deliveryMethod={HTTP|HTTPS}
 {direct|proxyConfigScript=<proxyConfigScript>| proxyServer
hostAddress:<address>portNumber=<portNumber> [userName=<userName>password=<password>]}

Parameters for the HTTP/HTTPS Delivery Methods

The following table lists the parameters for the HTTP/HTTPS delivery methods.

Parameter Description

Allows you to specify the delivery method of the AutoSupport messages. Valid choices are HTTPS and HTTP (see prior section for use of SMTP, which is also valid).


Allows you to connect directly to the destination technical support systems using the HTTPS or HTTP protocols.


Allows you to specify the location of a Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) script file.


Allows you to specify the HTTP(s) proxy server details required for establishing connection with the destination technical support system.


The host IP address of the proxyServer.


The port number of the proxy server. This parameter is required when the proxyServer parameter is used.


The user name. This parameter is required.


The authentication password. This parameter is required.

Minimum Firmware Level



SMcli –autoSupportConfig deliveryMethod=SMTP

SMcli -autoSupportConfig deliveryMethod=HTTPS
proxyServer hostAddress: portNumber=8080 
userName=user password=0987654321


Send a test message using the SMcli -autoSupportConfig test command to verify that your delivery methods are set up correctly.