Install server signed certificate

The download controller arrayManagementServerCertificate command installs the server certificate on the controller.

Supported Arrays

This command applies to an individual E2800, E5700, EF600 or EF300 storage array. It does not operate on E2700 or E5600 storage arrays.


To execute this command on an E2800, E5700, EF600, or EF300 storage array, you must have the Security Admin role.


Perform this action for each controller using the signed certificate that is applicable to the controller. The signed certificate must include the controller's IPs/DNS names.


download controller [(a|b)] arrayManagementServerCertificate file="filename"


Parameter Description
controller Allows the user to specify the controller on which you want to install the server signed certificate for. Valid controller identifiers are a or b, where a is the controller in slot A, and b is the controller in slot B. Enclose the controller identifier in square brackets ([ ]).
file Allows the user to specify the file path and filename that contains the signed certificate. The acceptable extensions are .cer, .crt, .der.


SMcli -n Array1 -c "download controller [a] arrayManagementServerCertificate

SMcli -n Array1 -c "download controller [b] arrayManagementServerCertificate

SMcli completed successfully.

Minimum firmware level