Configuring the host to run failover

The SUSE Linux Enterprise Server host requires configuration changes to run failover. The failover solution uses DM-MP.

Before you begin

About this task

By default, DM-MP is disabled in RHEL and SLES. Complete the following steps to enable DM-MP components on the host.


  1. Add the NVMe E-Series device entry to the devices section of the /etc/multipath.conf file, as shown in the following example:
    devices {
            device {
                    vendor "NVME"
                    product "NetApp E-Series*"
                    path_grouping_policy group_by_prio
                    failback immediate
                    no_path_retry 30
  2. Configure multipathd to start at system boot.
    # systemctl enable multipathd
  3. Start multipathd if it is not currently running.
    # systemctl start multipathd
  4. Verify the status of multipathd to make sure it is active and running:
    # systemctl status multipathd