View NVMe over Fabrics statistics

You can view data about the NVMe over Fabrics connections to your storage array.

About this task

System Manager shows these types of NVMe over Fabrics statistics. All statistics are read-only and cannot be set.

You can view each of these statistics as raw statistics or as baseline statistics. Raw statistics are all of the statistics that have been gathered since the controllers were started. Baseline statistics are point-in-time statistics that have been gathered since you set the baseline time.

You can access NVMe over Fabrics statistics from the System page (Settings > System) or from the Support page. These instructions describe how to access the statistics from the Support page.


  1. Select Support > Support Center > Diagnostics tab.
  2. Select View NVMe over Fabrics Statistics.
  3. Optional: To set the baseline, click Set new baseline.
    Setting the baseline sets a new starting point for the collection of the statistics. The same baseline is used for all NVMe statistics.