Complete CA certificate signing request (CSR) for a key server

To receive a certificate authority (CA) certificate for a key management server, you must first generate a certificate signing request (CSR) file.

Before you begin

About this task

This task describes how to generate the .CSR files (certificate signing requests) that you send to a CA to receive signed certificates for a key management server. During this task, you must provide information about your organization.


  1. Select Settings > Certificates.
  2. From the Key Management tab, select Complete CSR.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Common name – A name that identifies this CSR, such as the storage array name, which will be displayed in the certificate files.
    • Organization – The full, legal name of your company or organization. Include suffixes, such as Inc. or Corp.
    • Organizational unit (optional) – The division of your organization that is handling the certificate.
    • City/Locality – The city or locality where your organization is located.
    • State/Region (optional) – The state or region where your organization is located.
    • Country ISO code – The two-digit ISO (International Organization for Standardization) code, such as US, where your organization is located.
  4. Click Download.
    A .CSR file is saved to your local system.
  5. Send the .CSR file(s) to your CA.

After you finish

When you obtain the client and server certificates from the key management server, import them for authentication with the storage array controllers.