Activate controller software and firmware

You can choose to activate the upgrade files immediately or wait until a more convenient time.

About this task

You can download and transfer the files without activating them. You might choose to activate later for these reasons:

When you have software or firmware that has been transferred but not activated, you see a notification in the Notifications area of the System Manager Home page and also on the Upgrade Center page.

Attention: You cannot stop the activation process after it starts.


  1. Select Support > Upgrade Center.
  2. In the area labeled SANtricity OS Controller Software upgrade, click Activate, and confirm that you want to perform the operation.
    You can cancel the operation during the pre-upgrade health check, but not during activating.

    The pre-upgrade health check begins. If the pre-upgrade health check passes, the upgrade process proceeds to activating the files. If the pre-upgrade health check fails, use the Recovery Guru or contact technical support to resolve the problem. For some types of conditions, Technical Support may advise you to continue with the upgrade despite the errors by selecting an Allow Upgrade checkbox.

    On successful completion of the pre-upgrade health check, activation occurs. The time it takes to activate depends on your storage array configuration and the components that you are activating.

  3. (Optional) To see a list of what was upgraded, click Save Log.
    The file is saved in the Downloads folder for your browser with the name drive_upgrade_log-timestamp.txt.

After you finish