Upgrade software and firmware

You can upgrade your storage array's software and, optionally, the IOM firmware and the nonvolatile static random access memory (NVSRAM) to make sure you have all the latest features and bug fixes.

Before you begin

About this task

You can choose to upgrade only the OS software file or only the Controller NVSRAM file or you can choose to upgrade both files.

Perform this operation only when instructed to do so by technical support.

Attention: Risk of data loss or risk of damage to the storage array - Do not make changes to the storage array while the upgrade is occurring. Maintain power to the storage array.


  1. If your storage array contains only one controller or you do not have a multipath driver installed, stop I/O activity to the storage array to prevent application errors. If your storage array has two controllers and you have a multipath driver installed, you do not need to stop I/O activity.
  2. Select Support > Upgrade Center.
  3. Download the new file from the Support site to your management client.
    1. In the area labeled SANtricity OS Controller Software upgrade, click NetApp Support.
    2. On the Support web site, click the Downloads tab, and then select Software.
    3. Select SANtricity OS Controller Software.
    4. Follow the remaining instructions.
    Note: Digitally signed firmware is required in version 8.42 and above. If you attempt to download unsigned firmware, an error is displayed and the download is aborted.
  4. If you do NOT want to upgrade the IOM firmware at this time, click Suspend IOM Auto-Synchronization.
    If you have a storage array with a single controller, the IOM firmware is not upgraded.
  5. Under SANtricity OS Software upgrade, click Begin Upgrade.
    The Upgrade SANtricity OS Software dialog appears.
  6. Select one or more files to begin the upgrade process:
    1. Select the SANtricity OS Software file by clicking Browse and navigating to the OS software file you downloaded from the Support web site.
    2. Select the Controller NVSRAM file by clicking Browse and navigating to the NVSRAM file that you downloaded from the Support site. Controller NVSRAM files have a filename similar to N2800-830000-000.dlp.

    These actions occur:

    • By default, only the files that are compatible with the current storage array configuration appear.
    • When you select a file for upgrade, the file's name and size appear.
  7. (Optional) If you selected a SANtricity OS Software file to upgrade, you can transfer the files to the controller without activating them by selecting the Transfer files now, but do not upgrade (activate upgrade later) check box.
  8. Click Start, and confirm that you want to perform the operation.

    You can cancel the operation during the pre-upgrade health check, but not during transferring or activating.

  9. (Optional) To see a list of what was upgraded, click Save Log.
    The file is saved in the Downloads folder for your browser with the name drive_upgrade_log-timestamp.txt.

After you finish