Install SANtricity Cloud Connector

The SANtricity Cloud Connector packaged solution (.bin file) is available for RedHat and SUSE Linux platforms only.

You can install the SANtricity Cloud Connector application through graphical mode or console mode on a compatible Linux operating system. During the installation process, you must specify the non-SSL and SSL port numbers for the SANtricity Cloud Connector. When installed, the SANtricity Cloud Connector runs as a daemon process.
Note: If SANtricity Web Services Proxy is already installed on the same server as the SANtricity Cloud Connector, conflicts will occur between non-SSL port numbers and SSL port numbers conflicts. In this case, choose appropriate numbers for the non-SSL port and the SSL port during the SANtricity Cloud Connector installation.
Important: If any hardware changes are performed on your host, re-install the SANtricity Cloud Connector application to ensure encryption consistency.
Note: Backups created through version 3.1 of the SANtricity Cloud Connector application are not compatible with version 4.0 of the SANtricity Cloud Connector application. If you intend to maintain these backups, you must continue to use your previous version of the SANtricity Cloud Connector. To ensure successful installation of separate 3.1 and 4.0 releases of the SANtricity Cloud Connector, unique port numbers must be assigned for each version of the application.