AltaVault Appliance

After selecting the AltaVault appliance option under the Select the Target Type page, configuration options for the AltaVault target type are displayed.

Before you begin

About this task

You specify your AltaVault appliance as the target type under the AltaVault appliance page of the configuration wizard.


  1. In the NFS Mount Path field, enter the mount point for the AltaVault target type.
    Note: Values in the NFS Mount Path field must follow the Linux path format.
  2. Select the Save a backup of the configuration database on this target check box to create a backup of the configuration database on the selected target type.
    Note: If an existing database configuration is detected on the specified target type when testing the connection, you have the option of replacing the existing database configuration information on the SANtricity Cloud Connector host with the new backup information entered under the configuration wizard.
  3. Click Test Connection to test the connection for the specified AltaVault settings.
  4. Click Next.
    The specified target type for the SANtricity Cloud Connector is accepted and the Web Services Proxy page is displayed in the Configuration Wizard.

After you finish

Go to Web Services Proxy .