Resume import

For remote storage imports with a status of failed or stopped, you can resume the remote storage import from the SANtricity System Manager.

About this task

An import can be resumed directly from the Operation In Progress window on imports that have either a Failed or Stopped status using the following steps.
Note: The resume operation only resumes an existing import and does not restart the import from the beginning of the process. If the import needs to be restarted from the beginning, it must be disconnected and then re-created through the Import Remote Storage wizard.


  1. Under the result list section of the Operations in Progress screen, click Resume in the Actions column for the corresponding remote storage import with a status of Failed or Stopped.
    The Resume Remote Storage Import dialog is displayed.
  2. Under the Import Priority field, select one of the following import priority options:
    • Lowest
    • Low
    • Medium (Default)
    • High
    • Highest
  3. Click OK.
    The selected priority is applied to the remote storage import.