Disable SYMbol HTTPS

You can disable SYMbol commands (default setting) and send commands over a remote procedure call (RPC). This setting can be changed in the wsconfig.xml file.

About this task

By default, the Web Services Proxy sends SYMbol commands over HTTPS for all E2800 series and E5700 series storage systems running SANtricity OS versions 08.40 or later. SYMbol commands sent over HTTPS are authenticated to the storage system. If needed, you can disable HTTPS SYMbol support and send commands over RPC. Whenever SYMbol over RPC is configured, all passive commands to the storage system are enabled without authentication.

Note: When SYMbol over RPC is used, the Web Services Proxy cannot connect to systems with the SYMbol management port disabled.


  1. Open the wsconfig.xml file, located at:
    • (Windows) – C:\Program Files\NetApp\SANtricity Web Services Proxy
    • (Linux) – /opt/netapp/santricity_web_services_proxy
  2. In the devicemgt.symbolclientstrategy entry, replace the httpsPreferred value with rpcOnly.
    For example: <env key="devicemgt.symbolclientstrategy">rpcOnly</env>
  3. Save the file.