Automatically discover storage systems

You can specify that storage systems are automatically discovered in the network by modifying the settings in the wsconfig.xml file. By default, IPv6 automatic discovery is disabled and IPv4 is enabled.

Before you begin

About this task

You only need to provide one management IP or DNS address to add a storage system. The server automatically discovers all management paths when the paths are either not configured or the paths are configured and rotatable.

Note: If you attempt to use an IPv6 protocol to automatically discover storage systems from the controller configuration after an initial connection has been made, the process might fail. Possible causes for the failure include problems during IP address forwarding or IPv6 being enabled on the storage systems, but not being enabled on the server.


  1. Open the wsconfig.xml file, located at:
    • (Windows) – C:\Program Files\NetApp\SANtricity Web Services Proxy
    • (Linux) – /opt/netapp/santricity_web_services_proxy
  2. In the autodiscover strings, change settings from “true” to “false,” as desired. See the following example.
    <env key="autodiscover.ipv6.enable">true</env>
    Note: When the paths are configured, but not configured so that the server can route to the addresses, intermittent connection errors happen. If you cannot set the IP addresses to be routable from the host, turn off auto discovery (change the settings to “false”).
  3. Save the file.