Overview of AutoSupport (ASUP)

The AutoSupport (ASUP) feature automatically transmits messages to NetApp based on manual and schedule-based criteria.

Each AutoSupport message is a collection of log files, configuration data, state data, and performance metrics. By default, AutoSupport transmits the files listed in the following table to the NetApp Support team once each week.

File Name Description
x-headers-data.txt A .txt file containing the X-header information.
manifest.xml An .xml file detailing the contents of the message.
arraydata.xml An .xml file containing the list of client persisted data.
appserver-config.txt A .txt file containing application server configuration data.
wsconfig.txt A .txt file containing the web service configuration data.
host-info.txt A .txt file containing information about the host environment.
server-logs.7z A .7z file containing every available webserver log file.
client-info.txt A .txt file with arbitrary key/value pairs for application-specific counters such as method and webpage hits.
webservices-profile.json These files contain Webservices profile data and Jersey monitoring statistical data. By default, Jersey monitoring statistics are enabled. You can enable and disable them in the wsconfig.xml file, as follows:
  • Enable: <env key="enable.jersey.statistics">true</env>
  • Disable: <env key="enable.jersey.statistics">false</env>