Shutting down the compute node

Before you move the compute node to the new chassis, you must migrate the virtual machines (VMs), shut it down correctly, and label the cables inserted into the node.


  1. Identify the failed chassis.
  2. Note down the serial number of the compute node from the sticker at the back of the node.
  3. In the VMware vSphere Web Client, click Hosts and Clusters, and select a node (host), and click Monitor > Hardware Status > Sensors.
  4. Check if the Node 0 serial number displayed matches the serial number you noted down from the sticker at the back of the node.

    In this figure, the serial number of the compute node is highlighted.
    • If you find a matching serial number, proceed to Step 5.
    • If you have not found a matching serial number, go to the next node listed under Hosts and Clusters, and see if the serial number matches. Do this until you find the matching serial number for the node you are removing.
  5. Migrate the virtual machines (VMs) to another available host.
    See VMware documentation for the migration steps.
  6. Right-click the node, and click Power > Shut Down.
  7. Perform these steps for all the compute nodes in the failed chassis.
    You are now ready to physically remove the node from the chassis.