Installing VMware ESXi

After you install the compute node into the chassis, you must install and configure VMware ESXi version 6.0.0.

Before you begin

  • You have installed the new compute node, and have reconnected the network cables.
    Note: If you were using out-of-band management, you must configure it on the new node.
  • You have a remote console or keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) attached to the back of the node.


  1. On the remote console or KVM screen, click Power Control > Set Power Reset.
    This restarts the node.
  2. In the Boot Menu window that opens, select ESXi Install by pressing the Down Arrow key.
    Note: This window stays open for only five seconds. If you do not make the selection in five seconds, you must restart the node again.
  3. Press Enter to start the installation process.
  4. Complete the steps in the installation wizard.
    Note: When asked to select the disk to install ESXi on, you must select the second disk drive in the list by pressing the Down Arrow key.
    In this figure, the disk on which to install VMware ESXi is highlighted.
    Note: When asked to enter a root password, you must enter the same password that you configured in the NetApp Deployment Engine when you set up NetApp HCI.
  5. After the installation is complete, press Enter to restart the node.
    Note: By default, the node restarts with the NetApp HCI Bootstrap OS. You must perform a one-time configuration on the node for it to use VMware ESXi.