Configuring the management network

After you install VMware ESXi on the node and set the boot configuration file, you can perform the initial network configuration steps in VMware ESXi.

Before you begin

You have installed VMware ESXi on the node.


  1. Log in to VMware ESXi by entering the following credentials:
    • User name: root
    • Password: The password you set when you installed VMware ESXi.
      Note: The password should match what you configured in the NetApp Deployment Engine when you set up NetApp HCI.
  2. Select Configure Management Network, and press Enter.
  3. Select Network Adapters, and press Enter.
  4. Select vmnic2 and vmnic3, and press Enter.
  5. Select IPv4 Configuration, and press the Spacebar on the keyboard to select the static configuration option.
  6. Enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway information, and press Enter.
    You can reuse the information that you copied before you removed the node. The IP address you enter here is the Management Network IP address that you copied earlier.
  7. Press Esc to exit the Configure Management Network section.
  8. Select Yes to apply the changes.