Replacing a failed compute node in a NetApp HCI H-series chassis

You must replace a compute node in the event of CPU failure, other motherboard issues, or if it does not power on. The instructions apply to H410C nodes. If you have a H410C or H610C compute node that runs NetApp HCI Bootstrap OS version 1.6P1 or later, you do not have to replace the node if the memory DIMM fails; you need replace only the failed DIMM. If the DIMMs in your node have not failed, you can use them in the replacement node.

Before you begin

About this task

Alarms in the VMware vSphere Web Client alert you when a node fails. You must match the serial number of the failed node from the VMware vSphere Web Client with the serial number on the sticker at the back of the node.

The following figure shows the back of a two rack unit (2U), four-node chassis with four compute nodes in it:This figure shows a 2U, four-node NetApp HCI chassis with four compute nodes.

Attention: You can add an H410C compute node to your existing NetApp HCI system. When replacing an H410C compute node, keep the following considerations in mind:
  • You can intermix the H410C compute node with existing NetApp HCI compute and storage nodes in the same chassis and cluster.
  • The H410C compute node operates only on high-line voltage (200-240 VAC). You must ensure that the power requirements are met when you add H410C nodes to an existing NetApp HCI system.
A high-level overview of the steps is as follows:
  1. Migrate the virtual machines (VMs) hosted on the node to an available host, and remove the failed node from the cluster.

    Preparing to remove the compute node

  2. Physically remove the node from the chassis and replace it with the new node.

    Replacing the compute node in the chassis

  3. For nodes running NetApp HCI Bootstrap OS 1.7 and later, remove the compute node asset using the management node APIs.

    Removing the compute node asset in NetApp HCI 1.7 and later

  4. Add the new node back to your NetApp HCI cluster. The steps vary depending on the version of NetApp HCI your current installation is running on.

    Adding the compute node to the cluster for NetApp HCI 1.6P1, 1.7, and 1.7P1

    Adding the compute node to the cluster for NetApp HCI 1.3, 1.4, and 1.4P2

    Adding the compute node to the cluster for NetApp HCI 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2

  5. For installations with two and three-node storage clusters, redeploy the Witness Node if it was hosted on the failed compute node.

    Redeploying Witness Nodes for two and three-node storage clusters

  6. If you want to remove Witness Nodes to free up compute resources, see instructions here.