Identifying the DIMM manufacturer for H410C and H615C

Before you order the replacement for a failed DIMM in an H410C or H615C chassis, you must perform the additional step to identify the DIMM manufacturer. H410C and H615C include DIMMs from different manufacturers. It is best not to mix different DIMM types in the same chassis. So you must identify the manufacturer for the failed DIMM and order a replacement of the same type.

Before you begin

You have performed all the steps in Preparing for DIMM replacement.

About this task

You can either run the command to identify the DIMM manufacturer yourself or contact NetApp Support for help. Support will remotely access the system and use the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) UI to identify the manufacturer ID and part number. The DIMM information is listed under the System Inventory tab. See the following sample screenshot:

By default, after deployment using the NetApp Deployment Engine, ESXi Shell and Secure Shell (SSH) are disabled on the compute node. You need to enable ESXi Shell and SSH to be able to run the command to identify the DIMM manufacturer.


  1. Log in to the BMC to launch the console on the node.
  2. Enable ESXi Shell and SSH as follows:
    1. Press F2 on the keyboard to get to the Customize System/View Logs menu.
    2. Enter the password when prompted.
      Note: The password should match what you configured in the NetApp Deployment Engine when you set up NetApp HCI.

      Shows the ESXi login screen.
    3. From the System Customization menu, press the down arrow to navigate to Troubleshooting Options, and press Enter.

      Shows the menu from where to navigate to troubleshooting options.
    4. From the Troubleshooting Mode Options menu, use the up or down arrow to enable ESXi shell and SSH.
      ESXi shell and SSH are disabled by default.
    5. Press the <Esc> key twice to exit Troubleshooting Options.
  3. Run the smbiosDump command using one of the following options:
    • Connect to the ESXi host (compute node) using the IP address of the host and the root credentials that you defined, and run the smbiosDump command. See the following sample output:
      [root@tat-esxi-01:~] smbiosDump | grep -A 12 'Memory Device:'   
                Memory Device:#30
                  Location: "P1-DIMMA1"
                  Bank: "P0_Node0_Channel0_Dimm0"
                  Serial: "38EB8380"
                  Asset Tag: "P1-DIMMA1_AssetTag (date:18/15)"
                  Part Number: "M393A4K40CB2-CTD"
                  Memory Array: #29
                  Form Factor: 0x09(DIMM)
                  Type: 0x1a (DDR4)
                  Type Detail: 0x0080 (Synchronous)
                  Data Width: 64 bits (+8 ECC bits)
                  Size: 32 GB
    • Press Alt + F1 to enter shell, and log in to the node to run the command.

      Shows the ESXi shell login screen.

      Shows the shell command you run to get the DIMM details.