Replacing the failed drive from the chassis

You must use the information about the failed drive from the NetApp Element software user interface (UI) to locate the drive in the chassis. After you locate it, you can remove it and insert the replacement drive.

Before you begin

  • You have an electrostatic discharge (ESD) wristband, or you have taken other antistatic precautions.
  • You have reviewed the Rules for handling drives.


  1. Unpack the replacement drive, and place it on a flat, static-free surface near the rack.
    Save the packing materials for when you return the failed drive to NetApp.
  2. Identify the node by matching the serial number (service tag) with the number you noted down from the Element UI.
    The serial number is on a sticker at the back of each node.
    After you identify the node, you can use the slot information to identify the slot that the failed drive is in. Drives are arranged alphabetically from A through D and from 0 through 5.
  3. Remove the bezel.
  4. Press the release button on the failed drive.

    In this figure, a single drive is shown with the release button that you press to remove it.
    Release button
    The cam handle on the drive springs open partially, and the drive releases from the midplane.
  5. Open the cam handle, and slide the drive out carefully using both hands.
  6. Place the drive on an antistatic, level surface.
  7. Insert the replacement drive into the slot all the way into the chassis using both hands.
  8. Press down the cam handle until it clicks.
  9. Reinstall the bezel.