Replacing a solid-state drive for an H410S storage node

If a drive fails or if the drive wear level falls below a threshold, you must replace it. Alarms in the VMware vSphere Web Client notify you when a drive has failed or is going to fail. You can hot-swap a failed drive.

Before you begin

About this task

The following figure shows the drives for each node of a four-node storage chassis:

The figure shows a four-node storage chassis with six drives partitioned across the four nodes.
Six drives for each node in a four-node storage chassis
The following table describes the states of the LEDs on the drive:
LED States
Activity LED
  • Solid blue: Idle, SAS/NVMe drive installed.
  • Blinking blue: I/O activity.
  • Off: Idle or SATA drive.
Status LED
  • Solid green: On; safe to remove NMVe drive.
  • Blinking amber: Attention state; do not remove NMVe drive.