Replacing drives for H610S storage nodes

You can hot-swap a failed solid-state drive (SSD) with a replacement drive. The instructions apply to drives for H610S storage nodes.

Before you begin

About this task

For H610S, the terms "node" and "chassis" are used interchangeably, because the node and chassis are not separate components in this one rack unit (1U) chassis. The following figure shows the placement of the drives in the chassis:This figure shows the drives in the H610S chassis.

Slot 0 holds the metadata drive for the node. If you are replacing the drive in slot 0, attach the sticker included in the replacement drive shipping box to the replacement drive to distinguish the metadata drive from the other drives.
The following table describes the states of the LEDs on the drive:
LED States
Drive status/fault LED
  • Solid blue: Drive is online.
  • Blinking blue: Identification (if blinking twice per second) and rebuilding (if blinking once per second).
  • Solid amber: Drive has fault and needs to replaced.
  • Off: Drive slot is empty.
Drive active LED
  • Blinking blue: Drive access is active.
  • Off: Drive is inactive.