What's new

NetApp HCI 1.8 introduces two-node and three-node storage cluster capability, multi-factor authentication, and NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control enhancements.

Note: NetApp HCI 1.8 includes NetApp Element software 12.0. Learn more about what's new in Element 12.0.

Active IQ Config Advisor

Active IQ Config Advisor is a tool that helps streamline the installation experience and reduce networking failures during deployment. It validates that the configuration is ready for deployment and generates a report that you can use to resolve issues and send to NetApp Professional Services before hardware installation. See the Deployment Guide for details.

NetApp HCI documentation enhancements

You can now access NetApp HCI upgrading, expansion, monitoring, and concepts information in an easy to navigate format here.

NetApp Element Plug-in for vCenter Server 4.4 availability

The NetApp Element Plug-in for vCenter Server 4.4 is available outside of the management node 12.0 and NetApp HCI 1.8 releases. To upgrade the plug-in, follow the instructions in the NetApp HCI Upgrades documentation.

NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control enhancements

NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control is enhanced for version 1.8. Learn more.

Support for two-node and three-node storage clusters

With version 1.8, you can set up NetApp HCI to use a storage cluster with two or three storage nodes. When you deploy with a two-node or three-node storage cluster, the deployment process automatically configures two NetApp Witness Nodes as virtual machines. Witness Nodes are virtual nodes that enable storage node redundancy in the event of a storage node failure. NetApp HCI supports the H410S-0, H410S-1, and H610S-1 storage nodes in two-node or three-node storage clusters. Learn more.