Enabling the SnapMirror service using the AltaVault CLI

AltaVault supports backup and restore operations for ONTAP FlexVol volumes using the SnapMirror service running on an AltaVault appliance. You must enable the SnapMirror service, which then enables ONTAP to create the SnapMirror relationship in AltaVault and enable backup and restore operations of NAS file services data.

About this task

Instead of using a graphical user interface, you can use the AltaVault command-line interface (CLI) to configure SnapMirror. If you already configured SnapMirror using the AltaVault graphical user interface, you do not need to perform this procedure using the CLI.

When the SnapMirror service is enabled, the shares and Snapshot copies that exist on AltaVault are accessible and can be restored. If the SnapMirror service is disabled, the shares and Snapshot copies that exist on AltaVault are not deleted; however, Snapshot copies are not accessible.


  1. From an SSH client, log in to the AltaVault appliance command line interface (CLI) using administrator credentials. Use the IP address or DNS of the AltaVault appliance:
    ssh admin@
    NetApp AltaVault
    admin@'s password:
  2. Use SSH to log in to the AltaVault CLI and enter configuration mode:
    <hostname> > enable
    <hostname> # configure terminal
    <hostname> (config) #
  3. Enable SnapMirror service:
    <hostname> (config)# snapmirror enable

    To disable the SnapMirror service, use the no snapmirror enable command.

  4. At the prompt, restart the Storage Optimization Service:
    <hostname> (config)# service restart
  5. Verify that the SnapMirror service is ready:
    <hostname> (config)# show snapmirror state
    SnapMirror Server: Ready