Application Request Routing requirements

Application Request Routing (ARR) requires specific IIS features and configuration. You must install ARR and its required modules before you install SnapCenter, and then allow SnapCenter to configure ARR during installation.

If you are using SnapCenter with ARR, each plug-in host must be able to communicate with SnapCenter using the Network Load Balancing (NLB) IP address.

If you do not see the SnapCenter UI when you browse to https://NLB IP Address:8146 in Internet Explorer (IE), you must add the NLB IP address as a trusted site in IE on each plug-in host, or you must disable IE Enhanced Security on each plug-in host.

NetApp KB Article 2025082: SnapCenter in an HA configuration with Application Request Routing enabled.

ARR requires the following additional IIS features:

Additionally, ARR requires the following:

You can ignore the message “Ready for load balancing” on servers. This message has a value of Yes only when applications are provisioned in IIS using the Web Farm Network.

The following is the complete list of components required by ARR, listed in the order that they must be installed. These components are also required by the SnapCenter installer to properly set up the web farm and to add the appropriate routing rules:

  1. Microsoft Web Platform Installer 5.0
  2. Microsoft Web Deploy 3.6
  3. IIS URL Rewrite Module 2.0
    Best Practice: It is recommended that you check the Windows Add/Remove Programs list to verify that this module is listed.
  4. Microsoft Application Request Routing 3.0 (x64)
  5. Application Request Routing 3.0 stand-alone package (IExpress) x64
  6. Web Farm Framework 2.0
    Note: Microsoft Web Farm Framework is not required on Windows Server 2016.

For more information about ARR, see the following Microsoft documentation: