SnapCenter retains Snapshot copies of the database


To enable recovery of a database after it has been deleted, SnapCenter retains Snapshot copies of the database.

Corrective action

Remove the Snapshot copies of the deleted database by configuring the deleted database retention option using the SnapCenter configuration settings cmdlet:

  1. On the SnapCenter Server, initiate a PowerShell connection session by using the Open-SmConnection cmdlet.

    Details are in the Cmdlet Reference Guide for Windows.

    SnapCenter Software 4.1 Windows Cmdlet Reference Guide

  2. Enter the retention option to apply to a deleted database: Set-SmConfigSettings -Server -configSettings @{"DeletedDatabaseRetentionDays"="2"}

    The retention count set is in days. The minimum retention setting must be greater than zero so that at any point SnapCenter retains a Snapshot of the deleted database for at least one day.

The retention option will be applied on the full backups of the deleted database.