Installing Plug-in for Exchange from the SnapCenter Server host using PowerShell cmdlets

You should install the Plug-in for Exchange from the GUI. If you do not want to use the GUI, you can use PowerShell cmdlets on the SnapCenter Server host or on a remote host.

Before you begin


  1. On the SnapCenter Server host, establish a session by using the Open-SmConnection command, and then enter your credentials.
  2. Add the host on which you want to install the Plug-in for Exchange: Add-SmHost -HostName DAGName -IsDAG -OSType Windows -RunAsName run_as_name
    Add-SmHost -HostName Exchange2016DAG -IsDAG -OSType Windows -RunAsName Admin
    The host can be a standalone host or a DAG. If you specify a DAG, the -IsDAG parameter is required.
  3. Install the Plug-in for Exchange: Install-SmHostPackage -HostNames host_name -ApplicationCode SCE -FilesystemCode SCW -RunAsName run_as_name -Verbose
    Install-SmHostPackage -HostNames Exchange2016DAG -ApplicationCode SCE 
    -FilesystemCode SCW -RunAsName Administrator -Verbose
    This command installs the Plug-in for Exchange on the specified host, and then registers the plug-in with SnapCenter.